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    School Hacks 101


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    School Hacks 101

    Post  Tech4dummies on Sun May 16, 2010 11:22 am

    Before we start this is for educational Purposes and is at your own risk.

    1). First an essential is to get the cmd back this is very simple open up notepad or Wordpad DONT USE MICROSOFT WORD (if you dont have access to this programs go home put it on a memory stick and put it in your documents) so type command.com then save the file but at the end put .bat if your security in your school is high they might block the cmd as soon as you make it check step 2 to fix that

    2). This is one of the easiest hacks ever which allows you to play all your blocked games and install stuff. So you require adobe bridge sorry if you have not got it on your school computer anyways all you do is go to Bridge then on the part were it says desktop click there then drag your blocked
    file there it should appear on the desktop and you can open but a alternative which is very dangerous is to put it on the shared drive under my computer if it dosent let you try to put it in all folders on the shared drive until you find a unprotected folder

    3). goto cmd type shutdown -i this will alow you to shutdown any computer on the network

    4) you can easily get google chrome without saving it on a memory stick then putting it through bridge just download it normally once you done that

    5) if you want make yourself an admin account to have type this in cmd net user disired name disired pass e.g net user wall-e pie /add

    6) to become an admin type net localgroup administrators name of acc /add e.g net localgroup administrators wall-e /add

    Enjoy them dont blame me if you get caught

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