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    NBA asks judge to clear obstacle in labour talks



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    NBA asks judge to clear obstacle in labour talks

    Post  youxieshi on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:59 am

    Is the NBA lockout legal or not under antitrust laws?

    That's the question league attorneys want a federal judgecheap jerseys from china to answer ā€” before players file an antitrust lawsuit as NFL Players Association did during their recent lockout.

    U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe, however, expressed reluctance Wednesday to wade into the NBA's labour mess.

    In oral arguments in Manhattan, NBA attorney Jeffrey Mishkin cheap nhl jerseys said the NBA Player's Association is using the possibility of an antitrust fight like "a loaded gun" on the negotiating table and urged Gardephe to reject the union's request to toss the league's lawsuit.

    Mishkin said the NBA is seeking the court's blessing for its actions so that the union stops threatening an antitrust fight to gain an upper hand in negotiations.

    "They prefer the uncertainty," Mishkin said of the union's effort to getmiami heat jerseys the lawsuit tossed out. "It's like taking a loaded gun and laying it on the table."

    Gardephe brushed aside Mishkin's argument, saying posturing is part of negotiations.

    "If they've put the gun on the table, it's not clear there are any bullets in it," the judge said. "The courts discount threats of litigation in the context of collective bargaining."

    The NBA locked out its players July 1, and Commissioner nfl jerseys cheap David Stern already has cancelled all November games.

    'They have no case'
    Union lawyer Jeffrey Kessler said the case should be tossed out because the league was trying to get the court involved on the mere possibility there would be an antitrust fight.

    "They have no case," he said. "They're seeking to do something unprecedented, inappropriate."

    Mishkin insisted the league had to act to stop threatskegogo that were hampering negotiations. He said the union was prepared to dissolve itself, a necessary legal step before individual players could bring antitrust actions against the league in federal court.

    "They've already collected the cards. They can do it at any moment," he said. "We don't have to wait. We don't have to be subject to their whim.

    "We want to get the antitrust threat out of the bargaining."

    Gardephe did not immediately rule, but he questioned Mishkin at cheap nfl jerseys length and was skeptical of his arguments, saying at one point that the NBA lawsuit contained a "fair amount of speculation."
    The judge indicated that for all the talk of tangling, the two sides were speaking different languages. Gardephe said reading the written briefs prior to the hearing was like watching "two ships passing in the night."

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